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Photo by Yuko Kotetsu

When you step into a space, it can become a vivid experience and memory. Saskia is strongly attracted to this phenomenon and is convinced that music makes it possible to realise it in a more deep state.


Saskia, real name Saki Yamada, who explores sound in a variety of ways including live performances, installations and DJing, sublimates her musical expression into a spatial one because of her love to art that is felt with the full body. 


After she released her first EP on Detroit Underground in 2017, she’s been into the world of electronic music. She performed regularly at electronic music parties like Broad and Kaitai Shinsho in Tokyo, as well as at clubs, festivals and radio shows in Asia and Europe. In 2022, she moved to Bristol to further explore music. This choice has had a significant impact on her understanding and experience of sound. She released her first self-released EP ‘Depth’ in December 2023, and her first LP ‘es’ from Accidental Meeting in February 2024.


Saskia is passionate about experimental music that combines elements of broken beats, bass, techno, tribal, cinematic and funky and she creates music that is unpredictable and playful as dance music. With the concept of 'Sound to _____ this magnificent cell' at her core, she lands floating and then ventures off again to another place.

< favourite >

music that defines to me : Japanese electronic music in the 2010s
novel : Ōkina tori ni sarawarenai yō by Hiromi Kawakami

book : Harnessed: How Language and Music Mimicked Nature and Transformed Ape to Man by Mark Changizi

play : Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel

film : Arrival by Denis Villeneuve

place : Amami Island

instrument : Doepfer

colour : blue to green

food : tomato / soba 

fruits : grapes 

flower : Banksia

plant : everything

sports : basketball / snorkelling / snowboarding

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