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Saskia ( Saki Yamada)

JP - EN  Saki is born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1991. She works as an artist with a focus on composition, live performance, and art project under the alias Saskia. In December 2021, she presented "ロウ" at MUTEK.JP, a music art festival based in Montreal, featuring a dark butoh dancer and a lighting artist. She also produces music for advertising videos, including the proposal of moods and the expression of music that steps forward while staying close to their atmosphere and messages. In February 2022, she relocated to Bristol from Tokyo to explore electronic music more deeply. She has been expanding her activities, appearing at local music parties and participating in residencies of Pervasive Media Studio running by Watershed.

"考える。感じる。" by SDGs未来都市 妙高市

Director Gaku Kamimura, Udai Maruyama Assistant Director Nanako Fukui 

Creative Planner Raku Music Saskia Narration Nairu Yamamoto  Production Pond


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